Buying An Extended Warranty For Your Massage Chair

One of the most important factors that consumers rely on when it comes to making a buying decision is a Massage Chair Extended Warranty. If you are thinking about purchasing a massage chair extended Warranty, what should you keep in mind?

As a buyer, you will be forced to make another important decision; right after you have found the right massage chair after collecting coupons, researching different products, going through reviews and even reaching out to different sellers in search of the best deals.

Most buyers ask themselves whether buying a massage chair extended warranty is really necessary. Also referred to as a Service Agreement, Service Contract or Maintenance Agreement; an extended warranty is meant to give the massage chair buyer an extended period of cover with regard to the operation of the product, providing for extended peace of mind.

Judging from past purchases, we found that we consider a few important factors including, the third party service providers offering extended warranties on massage chairs, the types of warranties on offer, and the level of peace of mind such warranties provide.

An Overview Of Massage Chair Extended Warranty

To begin with, any modern organization that takes customer satisfaction seriously will have an Extended Warranty program simply due to the essential nature of these agreements due to their growing importance. Since these agreements are quite common in the electronics industry, you will find Extended Warranties for just about any product that is either electronic in nature or designed with an electronic component.

Vendors offering third-party extended warranties focus on ensuring that the needs of buyers are catered for; this also works to build consumer loyalty towards manufacturing brands. To ensure that buyers enjoy an extra layer of protection and customer service, vendors like Warrantech, Consumer Priority Services and Service USA have come up with various creative solutions. The solutions, which can be customized to suit the specific needs of each buyer, are offered by these vendors at a fraction of the product’s cost.

Furthermore, manufacturers offer their own warranty on most of their products. It’s agreeable that the manufacturer warranties are offered by massage chair manufacturers who have the best interest of their buyers at heart. Most massage chairs come with a Manufacturer’s Warranty and Guarantee meant to cover various product features, for instance. For massage chairs, the industry norm is to protect buyers against mechanical and electrical failure.

Some of the things omitted from the cover include regular depreciation, unintentional damage, peripheral components and in some instances routine maintenance below is a list of massage chair brands accompanied by their associated manufacturer warranty. It’s worth noting that manufacturers usually break their warranties down into sections that cover specified components of the item during a given period. Since these warranties come with various limitations, they are referred to as Limited Warranties.

Osaki’s Rock Solid Warranty for Limited parts and Warranty over three years.

Panasonic’s Limited Warranty for Labor and Parts Over three years.

Sanyo’s Three Year – Parts, Service and Labor Limited Warranty.

Human Touch has a number of warranty plans which range between Five and Two years with parts and service. Confirm with your individual warranty.

Inada’s Repair or Replace Warranty Plan with on-site service For three Years.

Omega’s Limited Warranty for Parts And Labor including a three month in-home service For Five Years.

Cozzia’s Limited Warranty for 2 years which includes two year Parts and a year in-home service

Extended Warranties: What We Think

Analyzing the contents of each agreement by taking the time to understand the specific warranty service carried by each massage chair brand is essential. We encourage buyers to seriously consider investing in extended warranties on expensive retail products simply due to the specific language used in manufacturer’s warranties.

In exchange, you will get an extension on the cover provided, increased options and access to a broader collection of qualified experts who are only focused on ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. Suffice it to say, seeing your massage chair fail right after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty period will easily ruin your excitement.

8 Benefits Of Investing In A Massage Chair Extended Warranty

Enjoy Comprehensive Cover for Three To Five Years: Since most manufacturers’ warranties lapse after the first year of ownership, owners are left with zero protection just when repair cost start to rise. Most  warranty companies offer extended warranties that will protect you against such costs for another four years after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty.

100% Insurance Cover for Labor and Parts: To ensure that you won’t have to cover the cost of labor and replacement parts for stated repairs for as long as the plan is valid, all plans are fully insured by an Excellent rated insurer by A.M Best.

Access to our 800 Toll Free Number: Whether you need repairs, or want to find out more about your warranty plan, you are free to call the toll free number 24/7.

Countrywide Service Network: Usually they have a countrywide network of certified service centres to support you.

Service is Free of Cost, No Hidden Charges or Deductibles: Extended warranty service provider covers the entire cost of repair parts and labour.

Promise to repair or replace: In the unfortunate event that we are unable to restore your item to its working condition, we will return it.

Remote Control Unit Cover: A promise to repair or replace the remote control unit that came with the product in case it fails.

Plans Are Transferable: In case you decide to transfer or sell the product before the end of the extended warranty period, you can transfer coverage as well. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.