What to Love in the New Ogawa Evol

In celebration of the 20th Year Anniversary of Ogawa, the brand released the Ogawa Evol – a massage chair that embodies love. The product is designed with a heated massage technology that makes you feel loved: warm, and relax. Love is in the chair, and it’s a love that goes both ways. Thus, the Evol in the name is the word love spelt backwards not a shortened version of the word evolution.

The new Ogawa Evol is a Japanese technology inspired massage chair for modern living. It was made to fit into any modern homes and one of the year’s most sophisticated 3D massage chairs released in the market. Ogawa designers want the Ogawa Evol to blend with the contemporary home décor, not to stand out like a sore thumb as other futuristic massage chairs do. They created an attractive, functional chair that is equipped with the most advanced art massage technology.

The 3D Dual Heated massage rollers can warm up to 98 °F that enhances the massage and soothes sore muscles. Inspired by the Japanese dual head rollers, the Ogawa Evol is humanistic in its approach of providing direct heat into the body part where massage is being performed.

The 3D massage rollers have plenty of features that can be customized to your needs, making the Ogawa Evol one of the most exciting massage chairs released recently.

Ogawa Evol features an advanced body scanning function that seeks out your acupuncture points and adjusts the rollers automatically to your build and height. By doing so, the Evol can focus directly on your pain points and provide a more precise massage experience and give you the relief that you need. Since every individual has different body type and pain points, the body scan technology in Evol is one of its greatest features that answers the consumers demand a customised and most précised massage experience.

Ogawa Evol designers made sure that love encompassed the user from neck to feet. They incorporated the heating technology in the foot warmers to remove fatigue and swelling in the soles of the feet. When in massage mode, the ottoman provides a gentle kneading and stretching of the feet through the compression style massage that boosts circulation and relieves sore and swollen muscles. Unlike other massage chairs that are built specifically for massage purposes, the Ogawa Evol ottoman can be reversed to function as a traditional lounge chair. You can either lower or raise the backrest and the footrest to any recline position that you want.

Features of Ogawa Evol

In addition to features that have been discussed, the Ogawa Evol is equipped with the most advanced technology to promote health and wellness such as:

  • A state-of-the-art S-Track Design.
  • An intuitive Touch Tablet Controller like the one found in Ogawa Touch 3D.
  • A total of 24 airbags that gives a compression massage at the shoulder, arms, hands, waist, and feet.
  • Full Body Automatic Programs such as Japanese, Thai, Chinese, vigorous, therapy, relax, gentle, and demo.
  • Partial Body Automatic Programs that target the neck, shoulder, back, and waist areas.
  • 3D Intensity Adjustment of 5 levels.
  • Strength and Speed Adjustments that go as high as 5 levels.
  • Massage Width that can be adjusted in two levels.

The Ogawa Evol is designed to represent a love that goes both ways. It’s trendy and functional enough to fit the modern living. It promises interesting features that can only be proven with a trial. If you want to find out first-hand how the massage chair works, it’s best that you visit any Ogawa Evol sellers in your area.

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