What You Can Expect from the New Ogawa Touch 3D

After the very popular Ogawa Smart 3D, renowned massage chair brand Ogawa has recently released the Ogawa Touch 3D. This is the second 3D massage chair that the company introduced this year and the third in their 3D massage chair collection that includes Ogawa Evol and Ogawa Smart 3D. And like the previous models, the Ogawa Touch 3D is expected to be another product that shows the expertise of the brand in terms of combining health, wellness, and advanced technology.

To fully understand what Ogawa Touch 3D massage chair can do, let’s breakdown it’s numerous special features.

The Ultra 3D Roller

This feature offers you the choice to adjust the intensity, strength, and speed of the massage in various levels: 6 for intensity, 5 for strength, and 5 levels for speed.

The S-Shaped Massage Track

It is an accurate massage roller that contours to the curve of your spine for more precise massage experience.

The Wired Touch Screen Tablet

More advanced than the LCD remote, the Ogawa Touch 3D comes with a touchscreen tablet remote. This innovative feature is what the “Touch” in the product name signifies. It’s easy to use, not confusing, and not overwhelming for the users. This feature is also present with the Ogawa Evol.

The Malfunction Self-Check Program

If any malfunction arises during your massage session, the Ogawa Touch 3D is equipped to troubleshoot issues on its own.

The 2-Position Zero Gravity Recline

If you want to experience the zero gravity recline position that astronauts assume during spaceship launch, this massage chair model has 2 Position Zero Gravity Recline. This type of position places your legs higher than your heart to improve blood circulation. It also distributes your weight across your body in an equal amount and removes the pressure on your spine.

The Lumbar Support with Heat Therapy

The massage chair is designed to provide continuous heat to the lumbar area to reduce tension and muscle pain.

The Dual Foot Rollers

The foot rollers give a reflexology-style massage on the soles of your feet to relax the joints and muscles and relieve tiredness.

Other Notable Features

It has 44 airbags which can be adjusted up to 5th level. It comes with Bluetooth speakers for listening to music and podcasts. It also has the silent technology feature so you can enjoy your massage peacefully.

The Ogawa Touch 3D features up to 8 automatic programs and provides massage techniques such as Swedish, Shiatsu, Kneading, and more.


The Ogawa Touch 3D is a new entry in the range of the trendy 3D massage chairs. It’s more affordable than other high-end massage chairs with 3D technology that are competing in the market today. It was released only last month; thus, reviews about its quality, durability, and other features are not available yet.

However, if you do want to check it out then, do so. It’s your right as a consumer to ensure that you’d be buying the right product with your money.

Trying out the Ogawa Touch 3D is the best you can do right now when online reviews are lacking.

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